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Oil & Gas Services

McDonald Farms Enterprises Inc. (MFEI) can provide a variety of oil field services and other support to clients throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. We specialize in the recycling of well cuttings for land application, transportation and logistics, vacuum tank cleaning, production water treatment and processing, and many other areas that provide immediate solutions to the oil and gas industry. We also provide remediation and cleanup to customers such as railroads, municipal governments, federal agencies and private industry.

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Providing Services and Support to the Oil and Gas Industry

MFEI has hundreds of roll-off containers to help manage dry or wet waste materials. These containers come in a variety of sizes, with either open or closed tops and flat or bath-tub bottoms. We have storage trailers up to 48 feet in length and secured job boxes, and can provide sealed containers to manage sludge or liquids, including dewatering and filter boxes.

Our personnel are trained in the handling of non-hazardous products ranging from oils and water products, to chemicals, soils and manufactured materials. We are experienced in small and large projects that require single trucks or many pieces of diverse equipment. Our specialized fleet includes tankers, flatbeds, dump trucks, bulldozers, graders, front-end loaders, and semi-trailer and single-unit vacuum trucks. We also have available pumping equipment for liquid or dry commodities. Hydraulic, centrifugal and diaphragm pumps are available in sizes up to 8 inches depending on the application, both trailer mounted and portable.

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Our specialized equipment can be used to transport and handle dry and liquid commodities, heavy equipment, construction and production materials and to provide lay-down and warehousing space. We also can provide vacuum trucks to deal with tank cleaning, wet or dry spills, tank farm support and environmental remediation.

MFEI serves large and small companies, cities and municipalities, as well as public and private entities. Some of our customers include the United States Air Force Academy, Xcel Energy, the cities of Boulder, Denver, Longmont, Cheyenne and Estes Park. Coors, Anheuser-Busch, Lockheed-Martin and many others have used MFEI for construction, pumping, vacuuming, trans-loading and water delivery, treatment and processing. We pride ourselves in a firm commitment to the recycling, reuse and conservation of industrial materials, and handle and process liquids and solids that might otherwise require disposal, but instead are used in environmentally sound practices.

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