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Centralized Wastewater
Treatment in Colorado

The National Western Properties Wastewater Treatment Facility, a division of MFEI, has processed non-hazardous waste streams properly for over 20 years. Additionally we own and operate a state and federally permitted facility for the treatment of subcatagorical; B (oily water) and C (organic) contaminated ground and surface water. Services include testing, profiling, specialized transportation and storage. Certain liquids, such as construction site grountwater, oils, grease and special non-hazardous residues require unique processing, in order to properly prevent the fouling of municipal waste treatment facilities. Our facility, near the intersection of I-25 and I-70, provides water treat- ment, filtration, purification and waste water handling services throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

24/7 Service

Regular Hours 7:30am to 5:00pm MON - FRI | 303-772-4577

The Colorado solution for Waste Stream Disposal, Groundwater Treatment & Remediation and Oily Waste Water Treatment and Disposal.

By providing a centralized wastewater treatment facility, National Western Properties offers local government and municipalities the opportunity to direct and refer the generators or transporters of various liquid waste materials to a safe, local low cost processing and disposal facility. Oily wastes, restaurant grease, sand trap residues, and other similar non- hazardous waste by products require special handing and treatment prior to proper disposal. These materials must be properly processed in order to prevent the fouling of municipal waste treatment facilities, and to comply with state required regulations.

Additionally we are a State Permitted groundwater treatment facility specializing in construction site dewatering hauling, treatment and disposal.

Our highly efficient, cost-competitive facility has the capacity to process volumes ranging from a few gallons, to full tanker truck loads of over 6,000 gallons. Processed solids can then be combines with other industrial materials to allow the further beneficial use of these waste materials, which would otherwise only be able to be land filled.

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The National Western Properties Wastewater Treatment Facility Assets include:

  • A highly trained workforce, that has been certified to comply with defined Colorado State Regulations, as Colorado Water and Wastewater Facility Operators.
  • A team of inspectors, certified by the National Association of Waste Water Transporters (NAWT)
  • 24/7 availability to receive truckload or rail deliveries of a wide variety of different waste streams
  • A full complement of National Western Properties fleet equipment and processing systems
  • Certified Weight Scales for the purposes of accurate tracking and billing
  • Regularly inspected facilities and equipment, by both local and state agencies
  • Multiple Storage tanks at the facility, allowing rapid off-load of deliveries, and the immediate return to service for transporters

A Full Fleet of Processing Equipment and Technical Assets

  • Centralized waste water treatment facility Subcatoagoriical B&C
  • On site sludge dewatering
  • Oily waste water treatment and disposal
  • Roll-off containers for the filtering and dewatering process
  • Specialized containment and storage containers for liquids or sludge, along with vacuum bins that can be delivered directly to job sites
  • A set of portable polymer dosing units, allowing for the temporary or long term processing of materials, on location anywhere in the region
  • Deployable mobile DE-rotary vacuum filtering units, high-powered vacuum trucks, and portable pumping systems

Some of Our Clients include:

  • The United States Air Force Academy
  • Many NAWT companies operating in the State of Colorado
  • Xcel Energy
  • The Platte River Power Authority
  • Ames Construction
  • Kiewit Construction
  • Saunders Construction
  • Numerous car washes, vehicle maintenance facilities and municipal water districts within the Front Range