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About McDonald Farms

McDonald Farms Enterprises Inc. (MFEI) is a Colorado corporation established in 1966, with its primary head-quarters in Frederick, CO. Beginning in 2020, MFEI joined the WRM family of companies. MFEI is a diversified corporation offering clients a choice of economical solutions to a wide-range of industrial needs. This includes the safe transportation, recycling, resource recovery and/or disposal of common waste commodities and industrial by-products. Clients include large and small local municipalities, commercial and industrial private companies, private individual customers & large government facilities and agencies.

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We Lead the way in Colorado with Technical Expertise, a fleet of Transportation Equipment assets and 45 years of Dedicated Service.

A Colorado native company, MFEI provides advanced transportation equipment and services throughout the state, the surrounding Rocky Mountain region and nearby states. Our location just north of Colorado Highway 52 at 7440 Interstate Highway, (at 25 Frontage Road, in Frederick , CO), is comprised of a primary dispatching center, technical equipment shops, a complete maintenance facility, and yard. Our subsidiary company, National Western Properties, LLC, is also located in Colorado, at 4647 National Western Drive, in Denver, CO, near the Denver Stockyards complex.

The central location of the Denver facility, allows for the immediate provision and direct deployment of trans-loading and weighing services, along with other specialized services quickly as a local provider in the Denver area. The Tran-load rail operations housed at this facility are serviced by the BNSF Railway, the Union Pacific Railroad, as well as a local short line railroad.

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Our personnel are highly trained, and have extensive experience in waste disposal equipment and services, the recycling and handling of both liquid and dry waste materials. All MFEI operators are authorized for non-hazardous material cleanup using our exclusive fleet of specialized equipment and assets. In addition, all employees have been OSHA MSHA trained for confined space entry work.

We provide a wide range of Materials Transportation, Waste Disposal and Debris Removal, Emergency Water Services, Specialized Vacuum Trucks to our clients, including the following:

  • Transportation, including hauling, shipping, and trans-loading service by both truck and rail
  • Complete line of commercial and residential roll-off containers, and dumpsters
  • Vacuum trucks, pumping equipment, and environmental cleanup services
  • The safe management and handling of bio-solid and liquid wastes
  • Operations of a centralized wastewater treatment facility located within the Denver area
  • Provision of MFEI owned land for the application bio-solids
  • The safe transport of water, milk, and other food grade commodities, as well as dry-bulk products
  • Proper management and distribution of bio-diesel, and other complex fuel oils
  • Operation of a wide MFEI heavy construction equipment and assets
  • Facilities used for the recycling and resource recovery for many common industrial by-products
  • Bulk materials facilities that are accessible by truck and rail car operations

MFEI clients come from a wide range of residential, commercial, and government entities. Some of our clients include the cities of Boulder, Longmont, Denver, and Loveland, as well as the Colorado industrial entities of Xcel Energy, Platte River Power Authority, Colorado Demolition, Anheuser-Busch, the BNSF and Union Pacific Railroads, and the United States Air Force Academy.

Our competitive pricing, coupled with the ability to meet the most aggressive or complex delivery schedules, routinely available 24 hours a day for emergencies and scheduled use, as well as 45 years of technical experience in the transportation and waste disposal industry, makes McDonald Farms Enterprises Inc. the ideal choice for your Colorado transportation, trans-loading, and environmental cleanup needs.