Railroad Car Derailment Recovery & Cleaning

McDonald Farms Enterprises Inc. (MFEI) offers railroad car derailment recovery and cleaning services for non-hazardous liquid, dry-product, and food grade material. We are committed to safety and regulatory compliance in all of our cleaning and maintenance services to ensure that non-hazardous waste, food products, and other liquid and dry materials are appropriately cleaned and disposed of.



Rail Car Derailment & Cleaning Services

With years of experience in railroad car derailment recovery and cleaning, MFEI is qualified to handle non-hazardous liquid, dry-product, and food grade material in a safe, efficient way. MFEI services for railcar cleaning include:

  • Dunnage removal from Gondola, Curtain, and Hopper Cars
  • Tank Bottom removal & cleaning
  • Power-Wash interior cleaning
  • Minor maintenance and inspection
  • Confined Space cleaning & personnel
  • Certified disposal of Non-Hazardous Waste
  • Product recovery and transfer
  • Derailment site reclamation

Specialized Emergency Response Personnel & Equipment:

Stainless steel sanitary food grade transports

water truck icon

Vacuum Pneumatics for product recovery and transfer

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150 Barrel Vacuum Transports

water tank

Standard & High Cube Pneumatics

High cube truck icon

High Powered Vacuum Trailer with Dumping Capabilities

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High Powered Guzzler Classic (Wet & Dry)

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Pollution Insurance

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Extensively Trained & Experienced Personnel


Emergency & Maintenance Services

Whether it’s an emergency derailment or a routine cleaning, MFEI is ready to help. Our specialized emergency response personnel and equipment are prepared to clean your non-hazardous tanks and non-hazardous silos.


Our teams are extensively trained and follow strict safety measures to ensure that we are both PEC and ISNET compliant. With specialized equipment such as vacuum transports, vacuum pneumatics, and sanitary food grade transports, MFEI is prepared to handle your emergency cleaning or maintenance service. Our personnel is trained to handle power washing, hydro-jetting, confined spaces, and all manner of non-hazardous waste disposal and recovery.

sealed waste liquid tanker

Cleaning Services Offered

  • Non-hazardous waste disposal & recovery
  • Sand trap collection from parking garages
  • Stormwater basin cleaning
  • Lift station cleaning
  • Manhole and line cleaning
  • Tank decommissioning
  • Loading dock and area cleaning
  • Monitoring well maintenance
  • Secondary containment cleaning

Safety is at the forefront of our operation as we seek to serve the greater Rocky Mountain region with specialized cleaning and clean-up services for non-hazardous liquid, dry-product and food grade material.

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