Contract Transport & Hauling Services

McDonald Farms Enterprises Inc. (MFEI) provides contract transport & hauling services of bulk non-hazardous waste, recycling & recovery commodities, heavy equipment, construction materials, and manufactured products on a one-time or ongoing basis.

Competitive prices, the ability to meet the most aggressive or complex schedules, 24 hours a day emergency or routine availability, and technical experience make McDonald Farms the choice for your transport & hauling requirements.

Specialized Transportation for Non-Hazardous Waste and Liquid:


Soils, aggregates, boiler sand, railroad ballast, recycled pavements, and gravel

cup of water

Potable water and food-grade oils


Chemicals such as deicer fluids, magnesium chloride, fuel oil and bio-diesel, coal, coal ash, lime, cement, and cement kiln dust


Coal, coal ash, lime, cement, and cement kiln dust

demolition icon

Demolition debris, palletized cargoes, and finished products

oversized truck

Oversize or non-standard loads

MFEI’s fleet of transport & hauling equipment is certified and our operators are extensively trained in the delivery of non-hazardous materials. Our staff is experienced in small and large projects requiring single trucks or many pieces of diverse transport & hauling equipment.

Dedicated Transport and Hauling Service Vehicles

McDonald Farms Enterprises Inc. has a full-service fleet and a tool for every job! Some of our specialized equipment includes:

  • High powered & transport vacuum trucks

  • Side dump, End-dump, pneumatic dump, belly-dump and tandem-wheeled dump trucks

  • Low-boy and flat-bed trailers

  • Stainless steel food grade tankers, insulated or non-insulated

  • Pneumatic bulk trailers and container trucks

  • Potable and non-potable water trailers

  • Sealed liquid waste and bio-solid or sludge trailers

  • Dewatering, filtering and sludge tanks and boxes

  • Conveyors and pumps for dry or wet materials

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