Vacuum Trucks & Pumping Services

McDonald Farms Enterprises Inc. (MFEI) owns and operates a fleet of high powered wet & dry vacuum trucks, both tandem wheel and semi-trailer tank styles, that are able to respond to routine or emergency needs anywhere in Colorado or the surrounding Rocky Mountain region. Combined with its fleet of transport equipment, this provides a one-stop shopping source for many vacuuming, pumping, transporting, container, and disposal services.

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Vacuum and Pumping Services to collect, dispose of and recycle waste streams

Whether from urban or rural settings, collected waste streams are segregated and conveyed to MFEI’s main recycling yard and treatment facility. There, they are processed for beneficial reuse where possible, recycling, or disposal.

Whenever possible, McDonald Farms attempts to recycle waste materials into useful products, gladly working with clients to identify suitable and environmentally protective end-uses for many of their cleanup residues. Some waste streams are taken directly to permitted landfills or other processing facilities.

Varied cleanup, removal, and processing projects


Industrial and manufacturing process spills


Disaster Cleanup and Remediation


Construction sites


Power plant (baghouses or silos) by-products


Sand Traps & Basins


Elevator Shaft Cleaning


Railroad derailments or transportation accidents

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State-of-the-art Equipment

MFEI’s state-of-the-art vacuum equipment processes wet and dry materials and large commodities and is in full compliance with federal and state environmental regulations for dust collection, HEPA filtering, low noise blowers, and sealed tanks. Vacuum and pumping services can also be used for the removal of hydro-excavating material as well as grease and oil products.

Additionally, McDonald Farms owns and operates a variety of equipment for dry or liquid commodities. Hydraulic trash pumps, centrifugal pumps, and diaphragm pumps are available in sizes up to 8″ depending upon the application. Trailer mounted and portable equipment can be used for short or long-term activities. Frac tanks and dewatering equipment are also available for specific short-term projects or on a monthly basis.

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Qualified Operators

Our operators are specifically trained and permitted for environmental non-hazardous waste cleanup. All operators and employees are also OSHA and MSHA trained for confined space entry techniques.

Additional Services

MFEI also provides a wide range of open and closed industrial containers which are transportable to job sites for immediate single or multiple load waste removal. Dewatering and filter boxes, vacuum bins, and sludge boxes can be placed at a job site per customer request. Our operators are also trained for non-hazardous cleanup and confined space operations.