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Roll-Off Services

McDonald Farms Enterprises Inc. (MFEI) offers a variety of roll-off containers, sometimes called dumpsters or bins, that can be used for waste disposal or handling. We offer different sizes and styles of these containers that allow for long-term or short term rental. Our equipment can haul to, or from your site to allow the processing of trash, garbage, debris or liquids. We can meet both routine or emergency needs and deliveries to residences, commercial locations or job sites anywhere in Colorado and the surrounding Rocky Mountain Region.

24/7 Service

Regular Hours 7:30am to 5:00pm MON - FRI | 303-772-4577

Roll off Containers and/or Dumpsters provide a great deal of flexibility, and can be suitable for many applications, such as:

  • Open or Closed flat bottom or bathtub Bottom
  • Secured Job Boxes or Containers (8’ x 8’ x 22’)
  • Complete Storage Trailers up to 48 feet in length
  • Sealed Containers, designed to contain sludge or liquids (including used motor oil)
  • Storage and disposal of dry bulk or wet waste materials in either a 15 yard or 30 yard capacity, both open or closed

Our Roll-Off projects have included the cleanup of:

  • Railroad Derailments
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Power Plant Byproducts (Baghouses or Silos)
  • Liquid or Dry Industrial Waste Removal
  • Elevator Shafts
  • Non-standard vessels
  • Sand Traps and Basins
  • Crime Scene Processing
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We support Container Deployment and Operations with the following assets:

  • A wide array of handling and pumping equipment for dry or liquid commodities as well as frac tanks
  • Front-end loaders and compactors kept on hand for either short-term projects, or on a monthly basis
  • Staff with lengthy expertise in both Federal and State disposal regulations
  • Recommendations from experienced MFEI Personnel for:
    • Appropriate waste stream disposal locations
    • Options for the recycling of various waste streams, and to identify suitable, environmentally protective end-uses for materials picked up in containers.
    • Best methods to handle liquid or dry waste removal
  • Qualified operators of equipment that are specifically trained and permitted for environmental non-hazardous waste cleanup. All operators and employees are also OSHA and MSHA trained for confined space entry techniques.